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SINCE 1999

In the next 20 years, we gave the eternal soul the inspiration from nature. They will never wither as they were just picked this morning.
Since then, callaforal has witnessed the evolution and recovery of simulated flowers and countess turning points in the flower market.
We grow up with you.At the same time, there is one thing that has not changed, that is, quality.
As a manufacturer, callaforal has always maintained a trusted craftsman spirit and enthusiasm for perfect design.

Some people say that "imitation is the most sincere flattery",just as we love flowers, so we know that faithful imitation is the only way to ensure that our simulated flowers are as beautiful as real flowers.

We travel around the world twice a year to explore better colors and plants in the world.Again and again, we find ourselves inspired and fascinated by the beautiful qifts provided by nature. We carefully turn the petals to examine the trend of color and texture and find inspiration for design.

Callaforal's mission is to create superior products that exceed customer expectations at a fair and reasonable price.


Shandong CallaFloral Arts & Craft Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of artificial flowers located at Yucheng city, eastern China's Shandong Province. It was founded by Ms. Gao Xiuzhen in June 1999. Our factory covers more than 26000 square meters and has nearly 1000 staff.

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We have the most advanced full-automatic artificial flower production line in China, together with a 700-square-meter showroom and a 3300-square-meter warehouse, With our own professional design team, we develop new items with excellent designers from the USA, France and other countries seasonally based on international fashion trend, We also own a complete quality control system.

Our customers are mainly from western countries, and major products include artificial flowers, berries and fruits, artificial plants and Christmas series, etc. The annual output exceeds 10 million dollars. Dayu Flower always persists in the concept of "auality first"and "innovation", and devotes to provide high-quality products and excellent service for customers.


With excellent quality and professional design, our business has increased steadily after the financial tsunami in 2010 and the company has become one of the largest artificial flower manufacturers in China. As the international awareness of safe production and environmental protection enhances, our company is still in the leading position in this field.

The company attaches great importance to the independent development of new products and processes. Though it costs us more to follow international standards and design requirements, our earnest pursuit and persistence for quality ensure safety production. Meanwhile, we strictly select the raw material supplier which conforms to international standards, so that our customers can be assured to choose us.We have established long-term cooperation with customers on the basis of mutual benefit and mutual trust so as to create win-win results and jointly create a brilliant future.