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About our store

Light up your bedroom in style!

SINCE 1999
In the next 20 years, we gave the eternal soul the inspiration from nature. They will never wither as they were just picked this morning.
Since then, callaforal has witnessed the evolution and recovery of simulated flowers and countess turning points in the flower market.
We grow up with you.At the same time, there is one thing that has not changed, that is, quality.
As a manufacturer, callaforal has always maintained a trusted craftsman spirit and enthusiasm for perfect design.

Some people say that “imitation is the most sincere flattery”,just as we love flowers, so we know that faithful imitation is the only way to ensure that our simulated flowers are as beautiful as real flowers.

We travel around the world twice a year to explore better colors and plants in the world.Again and again, we find ourselves inspired and fascinated by the beautiful qifts provided by nature. We carefully turn the petals to examine the trend of color and texture and find inspiration for design.

Callaforal’s mission is to create superior products that exceed customer expectations at a fair and reasonable price.