Company News

  • The 48th Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts

    In October 2023, our company participated in The 48th Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts, showing hundreds of products of our latest design and development, including artificial flowers, artificial plants and garlands. Our product variety is rich, the design idea is advanced, the price is cheap, th...
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  • What are the effects of using artificial flowers on the lives of people

    1.Cost. Artificial flowers are relatively inexpensive as they simply don’t die. Replacing fresh flowers every one to two weeks can be costly and this is one of the benefits of faux flowers. Once they arrive at your home or your office simply take Artificial flowers out of the box and they w...
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  • Our story

    It was in 1999... In the next 20 years, we gave the eternal soul the inspiration from nature. They will never wither as they were just picked this morning. Since then,callaforal has witnessed the evolution and recovery of simulated flowers and countless turning points in the flower market. We gr...
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